What Is New

new barstool Baia with all-wood base and upholstered seating



New dealer for family company SITUS - all-wood handmade furniture


Custom made solid wood furniture for family Viniculture Soman

new all-wood handmade collection made of solid wood

How we do it

The beginning is the most important…

Wood whose spirit is reflected in its thickness and the number of rings. One is small, another is large. One is healthy, another is ill – just as applies to us - people. Its quality is oft the alpha and omega, for which reason we devote great attention and time to the selection of a suitable piece which we shall use to make our furniture.

The end is the beginning…

It may seem that the life of a tree ends upon its felling by the merciless teeth of a chainsaw. But this is not true, quite the contrary. Thanks to our workmanship, we give the tree a new dimension, shape as well as life - wood breathes, works and changes, but does not die.



For evermore…

Wood, rock, clay, people – something links them, nature they originate from and to which they owe their existence. Wood is not a fashion trend. It is part of mankind, his life and being, already for thousands of years. The perfectly worked chairs and tables which bear our hallmark shall provide delight for generations. Not “only” shall wooden chairs be inherited, but chairs with memories, history and our entire life.

The art of combining…

Woodworking was once natural, today it is an exceptional activity, partially for the reason that our quick and precise colleagues have taken it over – machines, but they still lack something. A human being has feeling, a sense for detail, inventiveness. A machine on the other hand has speed and precision. We thus combined the (sensitive) handwork of a human being with the work of mechanized gear wheels, precisely driven by a system of ones and zeros.

What we do


Who does it

There is a story behind the creation of our chairs and tables. The story of a team of people who push their products further and further with their artisan skills, beyond normal boundaries, to the boundary of nature. They lend them shape, dimension, feeling, spirit. Every piece we make carries our manuscript, manuscript of people who love wood and take it as a part of themselves.


Wood, a lifelong love...

Every day I recall the crucial moments of my youth, my life. When making the decision on which school I would attend, I obstinately said that the only one for me was woodworking. A bit absurd, but an even stronger reason behind this decision was the scent of wood. The typical, sweet scent that reminds us of stability, security and timelessness. This fundamental and strong moment formed me, my life, my future. I always recall this moment when I hand over wooden chairs and tables to customers. That scent is still the same as it was years ago...


founder - Milan

Two work better than one…

To keep our ideals fresh and diverse, we created a team of the best people from all of Moravia. A team of people who understand their trade and treat it with respect and humility.


master joiner - Pepa

One does this and the other does that...

In the same manner that a good blacksmith cannot be a good trader, similarly a good carpenter shall never be a good doctor. The combination of these people, varied professions, gives us freedom. We are not bound by a single production technology and thus can realize our thoughts much more quickly and without limits.



foreign business - Milan Jr.

Who we are



The history of the SITUS brand started some time in 2007, the result of a decision to start the development and production of products with their own original design utilizing Czech brains and hands. Simply to prove that skilful people exist among us, capable of standing their own in all aspects even on the demanding European market.

It was fateful that I met designer Petr Šebela at the time. Together we started developing new products. It was a period full of quest, testing, discovery, but also disappointment and endless debates. This co-operation resulted in products such as the LEAF chair, the CETUS system and the ERRA armchair. But the fundamental product for our further development, the FIGURE chair, came only toward the end of 2012, after almost five years’ work.

FIGURE caught the attention of the professional public...

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