Wood and wine? They go together!

VINIT Bar ceremoniously opened at Na příkopě in Prague 1. This wine bar specializes in top-class, small-scale wineries from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France and Italy.
This is a bar hidden under the shroud of the dark local arcade, which immediately upon entering lights up and flares. The almost visionary combination of modern colour tones and natural beauty, sensitively processed wood – oak, makes it clear that even a public space with all-wooden seating can be functional. The naturalness of the wood, the purity and scent perfectly fuse with the wine. The creation of quality wine has from time immemorial been linked with wood, with oak barrels. Oak wood impart aroma, flavour, softness and sparkle to the wine.
For us to retain this original link between wine and raw oak wood, we modified the Figure and Landio chairs, bar stools, atypical table and wine racks with special oil which preserves the natural appearance of oak and does not change it over time


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